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A global design studio, applying a design that knows no limits.

In order to establish your company as a brand, we use design thinking to develop your content, digital marketing, and other aspects of your business. With the aid of our tested digital marketing services, we can assist you in attracting more visits, turning those visitors into customers, and creating brand advocates from your customers. You need the best people on your team to help you achieve your objective of becoming better, faster, and smarter. People that can create innovative campaigns, tie targeted marketing plans to business objectives, and analyze data to improve each step-by-step strategy are all required. need __ Tork

Inception and Evolution

Inspired by an enduring passion for seamless software, Shah Alam founded The Tork Inc. in 2016, marking the beginning of a transformative journey during his first year at CUET. Partnering with Nurul Alam in 2019 after his BUET graduation.Venturing into AI in 2020 marked a turning point. Today, The Tork Inc. is a global benchmark, not just in Bangladesh but also in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and beyond, redefining industry norms with innovative solutions.


Empower Success Drive Growth with Digital Transformation Strategies

  • Visionary Software Solutions
  • Shaping Technology Evolution
  • Harnessing Emerging Technologies
  • Anticipating and Exceeding Needs


Building Tomorrow's Tech Frontier Shaping Future Innovations

  • Forefront of Tech Innovation
  • Revolutionary Software Solutions
  • Seamless Technology Integration
  • Efficiency, Productivity, Possibilities


Innovating Together Collaborative Excellence Redefining the Future

  • Innovate, Collaborate, Succeed
  • Understanding Unique Challenge
  • Tailored Solutions, Perfect Alignment
  • Success Path Comprehensive Services

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