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Md Shahadat Hossain


Wonderful !!! The team did a great job and accomplished something that people said was IMPOSSIBLE
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Jubaer Talukder

Founder of Lets Create Academy

Working with Pentaface helped us to take advantage of a powerful web framework to build a complete Information System. Thanks to loyal and skilled team.
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Tahir Hasan Riddha

Founder & CEO at ROOTs Edu

It's a real pleasure to work with The Tork. They are focused on delivering features with business value and they like to get stuff done.
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Dr. Sayedul Islam

Director of Synapse Medical Academy

I am so impressed with Peentaface for my web development. They have done a fantastic job on my website and very affordable!!! I highly recommend them to all !!
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Md Shahadat Hossain



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Jubaer Talukder


Lets Create Academy

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Tahir Hasan Riddha

Founder & CEO


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Dr. Sayedul Islam


Synapse Medical Academy


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Nurul Alam (Siam)

Co-Founder & CEO

Shah Alam (Shaikat)

Co-Founder & CTO

Alamgir Hossain

Project Manager

MD Rassel Hossain



Your Questions Answered

At The Tork, we embrace the Agile methodology as the cornerstone of our project management and software development strategies. Understanding the ever-evolving landscape of software development, Agile empowers us to remain flexible, adaptive, and highly responsive to client requirements. Through iterative cycles, we foster continuous improvement and encourage regular client feedback, ensuring precise and efficient project delivery. Our commitment to Agile principles guarantees transparency, frequent communication, and a final product that impeccably aligns with our clients' visions and expectations.

Mobile app development is crucial for businesses today. It offers enhanced accessibility, direct communication, improved engagement, increased sales opportunities, brand recognition, loyalty programs, operational efficiency, data collection, competitive edge, expanded customer base, personalized experiences, integrated social media engagement, and real-time updates. In conclusion, mobile apps are strategic assets driving growth and customer loyalty, ensuring competitiveness in the digital age.

At The Tork, flexibility is paramount. When opting for our Dedicated Developer Model, there's no rigid time limit. While we offer standard durations like monthly or yearly commitments, we tailor the timeframe to your project's needs and your desired level of engagement. For example, for short-term, intensive projects, you might hire a developer for a few months. Conversely, for long-term projects requiring continuous development, support, and upgrades, you might engage a dedicated developer for a year or more. Effective communication regarding your needs, anticipated project duration, and potential extensions is crucial. This enables us to allocate resources effectively and ensure project continuity. We strive to accommodate your requirements, ensuring you access the best talent for your desired duration.

Payment terms for fixed cost projects at The Tork are designed for clarity and mutual commitment. The process typically involves milestones, which are predetermined phases of the project. Here's an outline:
  • Initial Deposit: A percentage (usually 40-50%) of the total project cost is paid upfront to secure the project and allocate resources.
  • Milestone Payments: Invoicing occurs at specific project milestones, with predetermined percentages of the total cost. For example, after completing the design phase, another percentage is invoiced as per the project agreement.
  • Final Payment: Upon project completion and client satisfaction, the remaining balance is invoiced. Only after receiving this final payment is the project handed over, along with IP rights and source code ownership transferred to the client.
  • Negotiation: These terms can be negotiated based on client needs and project requirements.
This approach ensures transparency and accountability throughout the project lifecycle.